Veteran Sergeant Naaman ............... 65 points

One Scout squad in the army may replace its Scout Sergeant with Sergeant Naaman.

Instrumental in the Dark Angels great victory during the Piscina campaign, Naaman transmited vital information which allowed a second scouting force to penetrate the Ork defenses. Naaman himself valiantly fought in the final battle against persistan Ork attacks to ensure the removal an Ork energy relay, but he was killed during the battle by an exploding Ork Deff Dread.

His name was written into the Book of Honor, so that all future Dark Angels could know of his deeds.

Sergeant Naaman 5 4 4 4 1 4 2 9 4+

Unit Type:

  • Infantry


  • Scout armor
  • Master-crafted bolt pistol
  • Master-crafted chainsword
  • Frag and krak grenades
  • Melta bombs
  • Teleport homer

Special Rules:

  • And They Shall Know No Fear
  • Combat Tactics
  • Infiltrate
  • Move Through Cover
  • Scout
  • Evade Detection
  • Brush Aside Blow

Evade Detection: Naaman was one of the best Scout Sergeants in Dark Angels history, able to understand the surrunding terrain so well he can almost hide in plan sight while walking right up to the enemy. Naaman and any Scout Squad he is with may Infitrate 12" away from any enemy unit, even if they can draw line of sight to them, as long as they are in area of terrain. Naaman and his squad may also move within 12" of an enemy unit in their Scout movement.

Brush Aside Blow: An accomplished close combat specialist, Naaman may ignore one hit result he suffers (chosen by the controlling player) in any round of close combat. It counts as a Miss that cannot be re-rolled instead.