The Adeptus Astartes

Space Marine Special Rules

And They Shall Know No Fear: Space Marines automatically pass tests to regroup, and can take such tests even if the squad has been reduced to less than half strength by casualties, though all other criteria apply. Usually troops that regroup cannot move normally and always count as moving whether they do or not, but these restrictions do not apply to models subject to this special rule. If Space Marines are caught by a sweeping advance, they are not destroyed and will instead continue to fight normally. If this happens then the unit is subject to the No Retreat! rule in this round of close combat and might therefore suffer additional casualties.

Units which include Servitors are still subject to this rule, providing that unit contains at least one Space Marine.

Combat Tactics: A non-fearless Space Marine unit with this special rule can choose to automatically fail any Moral check it is called upon to take.

Combat Squads: A number of ten-man units in the Space Marine army have the option of breaking down into two five-man units called combat squads. The decision to split into combat squads, as well as which models go into each combat squad, must be made when the unit is deployed. Both combat squad can be deployed in separate locations. The one exception to this is a unit that arrives by Drop Pod. The player can choose to split such a unit into combat squads when it disembarks from the Drop Pod.

If you decide to split a unit into combat squads, then each combat squad is treated as a separate unit for all game purposes from that point.

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