Necron WargearEdit


The Necrons are masters of space and time and the Chronometron allows its user to act outside the normal flow of time. When activated, users of this powerful tool appear to be moving exteremly fast, leaving little time for assault preperation.

Models, and the units they are in, with a chronometron have gain Initiative 10 and negate any Initative bonus conferred by cover or grenades in the first round of combat.

Gauntlet Of FireEdit

The gauntlet of fire takes the form of a armored glove and vambrace, whose length crakles and flows with green flame.

A gauntlet of fire is a close combat weapon. Attacks made with a gauntlet of fire re-roll failed rolls To Hit and To Wound in close combat. The gauntlet of fire can also shoot with the following profile:

Range Str AP


Template 4 5 Assault 1

Gauss WeaponsEdit

Gauss-type weapons are horrifying devices that can strip a target down to its atoms in a matter of seconds.

'Gauss' weapons allows wound a model on a roll of a 6, regardless of Toughness. In addition, any armor penetration roll made will score a glancing hit on a roll of 6, unless the dice roll is already sufficient to cause a penetrating hit.

Range Str AP Type
Gauss flayer 24" 4 5 Rapid Fire, Gauss
Gauss blaster 24" 5 4 Heavy 2, Gauss
Gauss Cannon 36" 6 4 Heavy 3, Gauss
Heavy gauss cannon 36" 9 2 Heavy 1, Gauss
Gauss flux arc 12" 5 4 Heavy 3, Gauss*
  • A Gauss flux arc, when fired, hits every enemy unit within 12" of the firing vehicle. If a vehicle has more than one Gauss flux arc, it may only fire one per turn. Each 'weapon destroyed' result that targets a Guass flux arc removes one from the vehicle, and so on until all of them are destroyed.

Gaze Of FlameEdit

Flickering fires blaze from the metal death mask of the necron, chilling the very heart of those who look upon it, stealing away their strength and courage.

Models, and the units they are in, with the gaze of flame count as having defensive grenades.

Hyperphase SwordEdit

Lightning Field

Nightmare Shroud

Particle Weapons

Phase Shifter


Ouantum Shielding

Resurrection OrbEdit

With a gesture from the weilder of a resurrection orb, all the scattered remains of the destroyed necrons crawl together before standing ready to do battle once more.

The bearer of a resurrection orb and all units within 6" of him may attempt Reanimation rolls even if they were damaged by weaponry that would otherwise not allow them to.

Sempiternal Weave

Staff Of Light

Solar Pulse

Tachyon Arrow

Tesla Weapons

Transdimensional Beamer

Veil Of Darkness



Made from the same living metal as the hulls of Necron ships and the C'tan necrodermis. They have phase blades that slip effortlessly through the most powerful armor.

Warscythes are two-handed power weapons. Attacks made with warscythes are resolved with a +1 Strength bonus and roll 2D6 for Armor Penetration. There are No saving throws of any sort (including Invulnerable saves) allowed against warscythes,