Grimaldus, Reclusiarch Chaplain ................ 220 pointsEdit

Chaplain Grimaldus 5 5 4 4 3 5 4 10


Cenobyte Servitors 4 3 3 4 1 3 1 8 4+


  • 1 Grimaldus (Unique)
  • 3 Cenobyte Servitors

Unit Type:

  • Infantry


  • Power Armor
  • Master-crafted plasma pistol
  • Crozius Arcanum
  • Rosarius
  • Frag and krak grenades

Special Rules:

  • Combat Tactics
  • Independent Character
  • Litanies of Hate
  • Unmatched Zeal
  • Only in Death does Duty End
  • Cenobyte Retinue

Chapter Tactics: If you include Grimaldus than all units in your army exchange the Combat Tactics special rule for the Crusader and Rightous Zeal special rules. If more than one character in your army has the Chapter Tactics special rule, you must choose which version will apply.

Litanies of Hate: On the turn in which he charges into close combat, Grimaldus and all members of any squad he has joined can re-roll failed rolls To Hit.

Unmatched Zeal: Grimaldus, and all units within 6" of him, have the Fearless universal special rule.

Only in Death does Duty End: Once Grimaldus has lost all of his Wounds, do not remove him from play. Instead, take a Leadership test. If it is passed, Grimaldus fights on with 1 Wound remaining. If he loses this Wound, remove him from play as normal.

Cenobyte Retinue: Grimaldus leads three Cenobyte Servitors that carry the last surviving relics of Hive Helsreach's Temple of the Emperor Ascendant. They follow the normal rules for servitors. In addition, as long a one is alive, Grimaldus and all models within 12" of him have +1 Attack.