Azrael, Supreme Grand Master ............... 260 points

Commander Azrael is the present Supreme Grand Master of the Dark Angels Chapter and he carries the honorific title of Keeper of the Truth.

Azrael not only leads the Chapter in battle, commanding one of the mightiest fighting forces in the Imperium, but also orchestrates the hunt for the Fallen and guards the Chapters most precious secrets. It is said that as the holder of this august rank, Azrael is party to the most terrible of truths, known only to him and to those who have held the rank before him.

Azrael sits at the head of the Inner Circle, master even over the Grand Masters of Dark Angel's Successor Chapters. He is the sole guardian over the secrets locked away within the dark chambers miles beneath the Rock where only the Watchers in the Dark dare to tread.

Grand Master Azrael 6 5 4 4 4 5 4 10 +2


  • 1 (Unique)

Unit Type:

  • Infantry


  • Protector
  • Lion Helm
  • Sword of Secrets
  • Lion's Wrath
  • Frag and krak grenades

Special Rules:

  • And They Shall Know No Fear
  • Combat Tactics
  • Independent Character
  • Orbital Bombardment
  • Eternal Warrior
  • No Surrender

Chapter Tactics: If you include Azreal then all the units in your army exchange the Combat Tactics special rule for the Stubborn universal special rule. In addition, all Independent Characters in your army gain Unforgiven special rule. If more than one character in your army has the Chapter Tactics special rule, you must choose which version will apply.

No Surrender: Azrael never gives up and will always go that 'extra yard'. Azrael's controlling player may re-roll the dice if the game ends due to the variable turn limit.

Lion Helm: When Azrael became the Supreme Grand Commander of the Dark Angels and its successor chapters, he was gifted the Lion's Helm said to have been worn by Lion El'Jonson himself.

The Lion Helm is carried by the Helmet Bearer, which is represented on the tabletop by a purely decorative model and does not count as a unit or character. If he becomes an issue, simply move him out of the way or remove the model from the board.

The Lion Helm provides Azrael, and all models in any unit he joins, with a 4+ invulnerable save

Sword of Secrets: Azrael wields this blade made of jet-black obsidian that is so finely crafted that is razor sharp edge has not chipped or lost its keenness since it was forged in millennia passed.

The Sword of Secrets is a master-crafted relic blade.

Lion's Wrath: A combi-weapon said to have been constructed by the Techno-Magus Prestor the Unchallenged in the days following the fall of Caliban.

The Lion's Wrath is a master-crafted combi-plasma gun.

Protector: This is a suit of artificier armor.


Azrael, Supreme Grand Master